When Is It Time To Replace House Siding?

While siding is very sturdy, it does need to be replaced sometimes. Make sure your home isn’t showing any of these signs and contact a siding company for help if it is.  

If your home’s exterior is looking a little sad, you might be wondering whether you should replace the siding or if you can fix it with just a little paint or power washing. Learn when it’s time to call siding contractors and why it’s important to not neglect your house’s exterior. 

Sign #1: Cracked Exterior Walls Or Loose Seams

aaaaaaIf your exterior panels are cracked or the seams are loose, they need to be replaced. Cracked and loose panels allow water to seep underneath, which means that you could have moisture forming on the inside of your home. This moisture can eventually lead to mold and mildew, creating a dangerous situation for your family. Mold can cause health problems such as asthma attacks and other respiratory distress and it often takes a professional mold remediation to remove the danger. If you hire a company to make the repairs early, you can reduce or eliminate the dangers of mold. 

Sign #2: Delaminating

If you’re seeing the early signs of delamination, it’s time to act! These signs include swelling, mold, mushrooms, fungus and separation. Ignoring this problem means that water will find its way underneath the panels, leading to mold and eventually structural damage to the house. This damage could include drywall deterioration, framing damage and more. 

Sign #3: You’re Just Ready For A Change

texture 3394276 640One of the biggest reasons homeowners call contractors is that they’re just tired of the way their home’s exterior looks and are ready for a change. There are a number of different materials now available for homeowners and a good siding company can help you choose the right one for your home. Redoing your house’s exterior is an excellent idea if you’re planning on moving in the next few years because a refreshed exterior can set your house apart from its competition. Additionally, house siding has one of the highest returns on investment, which means homeowners can get nearly all of their money back when it’s time to sell the house. 

Other Signs

These three are the major signs that it’s time to contact siding contractors, but they aren’t the only reason you may want to replace your home’s exterior materials. Other signs include excessive fading, caulking cracks and leaks inside your home. 

How To Find A Siding Company

Siding contractors are not created equally so it’s important to interview more than one company to make sure you’re hiring the right one. Ask what type of materials they’re used to working with — vinyl used to be the most common material, but technological advancements in the industry mean that fiber cement is often a better choice. Lastly, ask how much experience they have. Using a company with the training and experience means you won’t need to worry about the materials being incorrectly installed, which could void your warranty.

A new exterior can really improve the look of your home, but it can also make sure the interior parts are well protected and even improve the energy efficiency of your house. Don’t take chances with your home — if you notice issues like cracked panels, delamination, fungus or excessive fading, call a siding company to see how they can help keep your home in excellent working condition. 

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