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Serving Denver, Lakewood, Commerce City, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Centennial, Aurora, And All Surrounding Areas.


Our foundation: Trustworthy service relationships

Denver,  Colorado has some of the toughest winters in the country, but also because of our altitude, there is a lot less atmosphere between your roof and the sun. UV radiation and the hot/cold conditions of constant seasonal change can take their toll quickly. This is true of your residence, and especially true of your business.

Oftentimes, commercial buildings are flat-roof construction, with a layer of polymer, gravel, and tar which are all that stand between the interior of your building and the elements. Heavy snowfalls and rapid melt offs are a big-time culprit in eventual breakdowns of commercial building roofs.

When the roof fails, all of that water eventually has to flow somewhere. Maintaining your commercial roofing repair and installation means it goes down the gutters, and not all over your inventory or facilities.

We at Apex Restoration and Roofing are happy to provide the best quality commercial roofing services to our customers in Denver, CO and surrounding areas.
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Residential Roofing Contractor

Let’s Get Started

From gutter repair or other residential roofing services, we are the Denver roofing contractors that have seen it all and do it all. We begin by inspecting your roof and determining what needs to be done.

Next, we go through the process of working with your insurance company, making sure that the experience is as seamless and painless for our customers.

Next, we schedule a time with you, the homeowner, for the project. Our roofers work quickly and effectively on your residential roof repairs in and install to get the job done so that you can get back to your life.

Only when our customers are 100% satisfied is the job done. The last step is you getting to enjoy your roof for years after, making the whole process only a memory.

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Residential Roofing Contractor

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Commitment to Excellence

Apex Restoration and Roofing provides the best commercial roofing services with quality workmanship and teams with leading suppliers to give you the 100% satisfaction you deserve. Our reputation is often carried by word of mouth, and after years of providing our customers with the best experience we hope to earn your praise as well.
From peaked roofs to flat, tile, tar, composite, and other types of roofing, we’ve seen it all and can repair or replace it all!
Our Program

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Hiring professionals who understand your property’s needs ensures a quality job. We service the most popular residential roofs.






Residential Roof Repairs and Installation

You are just a few steps away from getting your roof back into perfect condition. Our Denver roofing contractors and inspection specialists are ready to begin by assessing the situation, providing you with the best materials available for the project, and working through until you are satisfied. Talk with one of our partners about getting a free estimate.

We are committed to serving our customers’ needs and offer the best value for quality, timeliness, and durability that will keep your home protected for years to come. 

Our local roofing and restoration office is here for your residential roofing service needs for all of our clients in Denver, CO.

Ask about our free estimates and contact our local roofing and restoration office to find out how to get started. Call our experts at 303-691-5035 or fill out our form to begin your free inspection!



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