Roofing Repair Or Replacement: Which Do You Need?

Roofing issues will crop up at some point in time if you own a home. The question you must ask yourself is should you repair the roof or replace it? Here we look at when you should do the former and when you should do the latter.

512px Vinyl sidingIf you own an older home at some point in time you will have to think about your roofing needs. In addition to that, you will have to decide if you should repair your roof or if you should replace it all together? Most people assume that the costs for replacing it are greater, but sometimes repairing a roof can cost just as much money. 

You must take a selection of factors into account in trying to decide what is in your best interests. You must consider the roofing materials that would be required and how much they would cost you. Clay tiles are very attractive, but they are also very pricey. On the other hand three-tab asphalt shingles tend to carry the cheapest price tag. 

Materials also vary depending upon where you live. For instance ceramic and clay tiles would not be sold in stores where the winters are very harsh and extreme, but would be sold in the regions where there is a milder climate. Slate for example is a more suitable roofing material if you live in Massachusetts, as opposed to if you live in California. 

You also must consider the shape your roof is in and how serious the problems are that your roof is facing. The reality of the matter is that at some point in time all homeowners must decide if they should repair or replace the roof on their homes. 

Winter weather can cause damage to a roof, as can high winds and a great deal of rainfall. You may see evidence of this inside your home in the form of dark stains on the ceilings. If water is dripping from the ceiling then the problem is even worse. If a roof was not properly sealed then these problems can arise and can cause damage to the roof’s decking. You can use heat tape to fix this problem, but this can lead to worse problems if you do not know what you are doing. 

gutter guard ipswich 2434467 640If your roof is not that old then take a close look at the warranty for it. If the warranty is still in effect then the contractor should have no problem coming out and repairing it for you. Even if the roof on your home is old, the damage might be localized and may only necessitate a repair instead of a replacement. Get some professional advice on this one. Call a roofing expert and have him take a look for you to determine the best course of action. 

How do you make the determination that your roof needs to be replaced as opposed to needing a few repairs? Here is a good roofing rule of thumb to live by- if one-third or more of the roof is in bad shape then it is time to replace the roof as a repair project will not do. 

What the roof looks like is not your only consideration. You must consider the signs and symptoms of roof troubles. Some homes offer plenty of signs while others only offer a few. If there are many spots inside your residence that are leaking, you should consider replacing your roof. The same can be said for cracked or curling shingles, dirty shingles or shingles that have algae clinging to them, leaks in your attic and shingles that show obvious signs of decay. 

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