Does Your Siding Need To Be Replaced? Check Out These Surprising Signs Of Trouble

Knowing what to look for when you’re inspecting your siding for possible damage can help you decide when it’s time to contact siding contractors to discuss replacement of your home’s wood, vinyl or fiber cement siding. House Construction New Home Real Estate Realtor 2409516 1

Many homes look wonderful for years or even decades if they have good quality siding installed by professional contractors, but there’s always the potential for trouble. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your home’s wood, aluminum or vinyl exterior but aren’t sure if it’s necessary, the tips below will help you accurately assess the condition of the materials and determine whether or not it’s time for something new.

Overall Appearance Of Your Siding

While it’s true that your siding can last for decades, the condition of it will slowly deteriorate over time. In many cases, this deterioration is so slow, however, that people really don’t notice the changes until they are severe. Walk around all sides of your home at a distance of about 25 feet. If you see obvious signs of damage or wear, you need to hire siding contractors to do a complete replacement as soon as possible to prevent problems with water seeping behind and causing mold, mildew or other problems.

Dents, Dings And Other Damage

Aluminum and vinyl can take a beating over the years. In some cases, the results are dents, dings, holes, cracks or scratches. If you have this kind of widespread damage, it’s best to have siding contractors remove and replace all of it so that you have a cohesive look and don’t have to worry about blending colors or styles from one section to another. Holes in particular are a concern because they can allow rainwater and debris to get behind the planks where moisture can linger and create bigger problems.

Warping Or Wavy Planks

no person 3205351 640Warped or wavy planks aren’t always immediately visible unless you stand at one end of your house and look along the length of the wall, so be sure you take the time to check for warping or waviness on all sides of your home. These are indications that there is significant water damage. In rare cases, waviness or warping is caused by extreme heat. A neighbor’s house fire, for instance, can generate more than enough heat to warp your home’s exterior

Mold, Mildew Or Water Damage

Checking for mold, mildew or water damage is an “up close” job. Wood planks can become waterlogged from years of extreme weather, leading to mold and mildew that is extremely difficult to get rid of. If you find it on your home’s exterior, replacement is the best way to get rid of it and prevent it from coming back. If you want to avoid water related damage in the future, consider removing the wood and opting for more durable materials like vinyl or fiber cement that can stand up to even the rainiest weather without damage.

Flexibility Issues

Testing the flexibility of vinyl, which is the most flexible kind of siding available, will tell you whether it has worn out or become too pliable to protect your house’s frame and interior. If it can be easily bent, sometimes pulls away from the house or doesn’t stay fastened securely, the best option is to start from scratch with newer, more durable materials such as fiber cement.


Your siding may still be in good shape, but if you don’t like the look of it or would prefer a different color or style, you may want to talk to contractors in your area about the latest materials, including vinyl and fiber cement. Only you can determine whether the time is right for replacement, but regardless of your reasons, you’ll be pleased with the results if you talk to local siding contractors about the new and exciting options now available.

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