What Does a Roofing Contractor Do?

Roofing companies often have crews of experienced roofers working for the same company. In a nutshell, they remove old roofing materials and install new roofing systems in their place. But what is a roofer? What is a roofing contractor? The differences between roofing companies and roofing contractors usually come down to the types of projects that they take on. Roofing companies tend to be brought in to complete large-scale roofing projects where they will either construct a new roof or replace an old one. So, what does a roofing contractor do? Roofing contractors also construct roofing systems for new and existing buildings, but they specialize in roof repair and may be better equipped to handle more intricate roofing projects where there are different or unique materials being used. Roofing contractors see more variety in their work because projects often involve multiple considerations beyond just removing old material and replacing it with new. They will look at the entire roof as a whole and make considerations based on the type of roof structure, beams, trusses, and more.

Roofing contractors don’t always have regular teams but will instead bring in workers depending on the complexity and process of the project. This differs from roofing companies that have set crews who are dispatched to take on many of the same types of jobs. For projects that involve repairs due to harsh weather where problems extend beyond just the roofing material, a roofing contractor may be able to complete a more thorough investigation and repair process and ensure that all components of the roof have been considered. So, if you were asking yourself, “what is a roofing contractor, and what does a roofing contractor do?” you should now have a good understanding that will help you determine the type of service you need for your roof. At Apex Restoration & Roofing, we have local roofing contractors that can provide these detailed roofing services all across the Front Range in Colorado Springs, Denver, as well as Fort Collins.

Our Colorado Roofing Services

Our team provides a full suite of restoration and roofing services and is equipped to work on a multitude of different roofing projects. We look at the whole scope and determine your needs based on the type of roof, required repairs, and sustained damage. Our specialties include:

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We choose passionate, responsible people to join our team because we live in the same communities as you do and we know that taking care of our neighbors pays dividends in local morale. Our roofing contractors strive to find creative solutions to resolve complex roofing issues and give their best effort on every project to complete it right the first time. We won’t sugarcoat the care that your roof needs, but we’ll instead provide you with honest recommendations that will enable you to get years of service out of your roof. What is a roofer? To us, it’s a responsible and reputable individual who puts your roof first – and that’s what you can expect when you work with Apex Restoration & Roofing. Contact us today to receive a free estimate and we’ll get straight to work.

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