Ask These Questions To Find The Best Siding Contractors

You should always talk to at least three siding contractors before you commit yourself and your exterior home remodeling to a specific company. Reputable installers are never offended if you ask other installers for a quote. While cost is always a concern, don’t automatically go with the lowest bid. Craftsmanship and dependability as well as the overall quality of their materials should be taken into consideration. You can start with our list of questions:

How Experienced Is Your Company?

Look for several years of experience, including several years of working specifically on installing siding. Experience can be gauged a number of ways. Ask how long they’ve been doing home improvements using the specific brand and style you’ve chosen and ask for referrals you can contact to get their feedback. Also check their website for recent awards from industry organizations and certification by particular brands. Contractors who are trained and certified by manufacturers have to meet stringent guidelines.house on the corner 1021314 640

Will Your Siding Contractors Be Easy To Identify When Working On My House?

Always ask this question because it addresses personal safety issues for you and your family. If five men in dirty T-shirts show up and claim to be the installation crew, you could be the target of individuals who intend to gain access to your house to rob it. Professional contractors dress the part; neat, clean shirts that carry their company logo will ensure that you’ll always be able to identify crew members and you’ll be able to spot potential intruders easily. Also ask if their website has photos of crew leaders available (perhaps on their website) so that you can identify them easily.

Are Your Contractors Full Time Employees Or Subcontractors?

roofline 68277 640There are a few reasons why you should opt for a company that has its own, full-time staff of installation experts who are familiar with both vinyl and fiber cement. If they use their own people, they’ve most likely invested a significant amount of time and money in proper training so that they are experts at what they do. Full-time employees will take pride in their work and know that they can’t do a mediocre job of installing vinyl or fiber cement siding unless they want to look for another place to work. If a home improvement company hires subcontractors, you should be wary. Sub-contractors tend to turn over rapidly, so you may get a different work crew from one day to the next or you could wind up with inexperienced installers who don’t do the best job possible. Full-time employees are always your best bet.

Do You Carry More Than One Siding Option?

Some companies will only install one brand and style of siding, which can be very limiting. Ask if they carry vinyl as well as fiber cement. Also ask what brands they offer. They should be able to show you the advantages of several different kinds of siding so that it’s easier for you to choose the right brand and style for your home.

Will The Company Clean Up Your Property After the Job Is Done?

We don’t mean will they take their tarps and tools and go on to the next job. Siding installation companies should also ensure that there is no scrap paper or boxes left behind after they’ve the job. They should also carefully check the area for nails, pins, screws and any other sharp object that could have been left behind in your yard where they could injure someone. Ideally, your house should look better and cleaner than before the work started.

Choosing the right siding contractor for your exterior home improvements can be a daunting task, but if you ask the questions above, you’ll definitely be on the right track.

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